The history and popularity of visiting the stars at a horror/sci-fi convention.

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Movie and film conventions have been a staple of happiness in the minds of nerds and “fan boys” the world over. It’s a place where a person, who would normally be straight-laced and conservative, can bust out a light saber and talk like Darth Vader, or meet the one and only, Robert Englund.

The first horror film convention was held in Detroit in the early 1980’s. It comprises all of the most well-known famous of horror and sci-fi films into one place, where these fans can meet and greet the stars of such films, as well as purchasing memorabilia and socialize with other fans.

I have been to a few of these conventions, and actually just returned from Horror Weekend 2011 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. As you can see the above pictures are some that I took while at this convention, as an example of the enjoyment you can get from a convention.

The amount of different people of different walks of life that arrive here is absolutely astounding and it is no wonder why. From kids to adults, every race, gender, and ethnicity was present to share their fan boy style.

The fun that you can experience while at one of these conventions is enough to make you want to go back. If you have never had a chance to go to a convention, I would highly recommend you try it out. You just might end up calling yourself a fan boy.